Covid-19 Breakout 2022 Updates

Important: Due to the current massive outbreak, our shop will be open for Contactless Pick-up only. We simply cannot afford for more staff to be away, and want to ensure we are operating as safely as possible.

More of an update:

Well, we had our first real break in years over Christmas & New Year. We desperately needed it due to the nightmare that Covid brought upon us, our families, and our business.

We've navigated it the best we can. Manufacturers, Distributors, Couriers are experiencing the same messes & delays.

We've come back, and the Covid outbreak has gone crazy. The inconsistent "rules" and differences between areas, and people's personal ideas, have sent everything even more crazy! 

We REALLY appreciate the kindness and support of 99.9% of you.
You have been truly amazing! 

The Tough News:

  • We've arrived back at work, with 2/3 of our staff unable to return due to the complexities arising from this outbreak. It's affected childcare centres, meaning our staff with young kids unable to find care while they work. We also have staff that haven't tested positive, but are isolating due to close contacts at home.
  • Manufacturers & Distributors still have delays. 
  • Couriers & Postal systems still have delays.
  • We are closed 13/01 due to a funeral. 

Hopefully we can get back on track soon. 

Thank you again,

Kirrily, Jerry, Tash, James, Glenn, Tash, Alex