Error 6 in Spas & Hot Tubs - What is it and How to Fix

Error 6 / ER 06 / ER06 / ER.6 is one of the most common errors in spas and hot tubs. It can be caused by a few things. Some of them, you can try to resolve yourself.

What is Error 6? In Davey, SpaQuip, SpaNet spa controllers, Error 06 simply means "Thermal cut-out tripped." This error indicates that the safety electromechanical over temperature cut out thermostat on the heater has tripped.

Can Error 6 be reset? In Davey SpaQuip controllers, it can be reset by doing one of the following:

  • SP800 / SP1200 - Cycle Power Off & On. Then Press the Top 4 Buttons All Together until the system resets.
  • SP400 / SP500 / SP600 / SP601 - Cycle Power Off & On. Press Up, Down, Pump buttons together until it resets.
  • SP750 / SP1000 - Cycle Power Off & On.  Then, with Power Off, Check High-limit on heater assembly. Some high-limits have a button on the switch itself that needs to be pressed.
  • SpaNet - Cycle Power off for 1 minute, then back on.

What causes Error 06 and How do I fix it? Error 6 can be caused by:

  • Dirty Filters - Remove filters and see if it still occurs.
  • Corroded Heater - Remove controller panel to look for a corroded or damaged heater assembly.
  • Faulty Pump - Check circulation pump is operating as it should
  • Blocked plumbing or Air Lock - Check for anything blocking the pump impeller, and bleed any air in the system out by loosening barrel unions where necessary. Also check that all valves are open.
  • Faulty Circuit board - PCB will need to be repaired or replaced.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Note that any work, or panel removal must be done by a qualified person. 240V is exposed inside controllers.