Error 6 in Spas & Hot Tubs - What is it and How to Fix

Error 6 / ER 06 / ER06 / ER.6 is one of the most common errors in spas and hot tubs. It can be caused by several things. Some of them, you can try to resolve yourself.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Any work, or panel removal must be done by a qualified person. 240V is exposed inside controllers & can be harmful or fatal.

What is Error 6?

In Davey, SpaQuip, SpaNet spa controllers, Error 06 simply means "Thermal cut-out tripped." This error indicates that the safety electromechanical over temperature cut out thermostat on the heater has tripped. It can be caused by multiple things. Read on below. 

    What causes Error 06 and How do I fix it? 

    Error 6 can be caused by:

    • Dirty Filters - Remove filters and see if it still occurs.
    • Blocked plumbing or Air Lock - Check for anything blocking the pump impeller, and bleed any air in the system out by loosening barrel unions where necessary. Also check that all valves are open.
    • *Faulty Pump - Check circulation pump is operating as it should. Also check for impeller blockages.
    • *Corroded Heater - Remove controller panel to look for a corroded or damaged heater assembly.
    • *Damaged Klixon or other component - generally this is due to a leak. Inspection of internal parts needed.
    • *Faulty Circuit board - PCB will need to be repaired or replaced. Check solder joints.

    Can Error 6 be reset?

    In Davey SpaQuip & SpaNet controllers, it can be reset by doing one of the following: (note if there is a physical fault the error will reoccur).

    • SP800 / SP1200 - Cycle Power Off & On. Then Press the Top 4 Buttons All Together until the system resets.
    • SP400 / SP500 / SP600 / SP601 / 54500 - Cycle Power Off & On. Press Up, Down, Pump buttons together until it resets. 
    • SP750 / SP1000 - Cycle Power Off & On.  Then, with Power Off, Check High-limit on heater assembly. Some high-limits have a button on the switch itself that needs to be pressed to reset. 
    • SpaNet - Cycle Power off for 1 minute, then back on.

    *Requires a qualified person. Ensure power is isolated before checking any part of a spa.