Christmas / New Year Information - Delays & Closures

Keep Calm. Enjoy Your Family & Friends. Find Things to Do: It's been tough for us all this year. We still live in one of the greatest countries in the world, so get outside & enjoy it! 

There are still several delays on many products and spare parts due to Covid-19. We are now seeing the enormous impacts it has had on Manufacturing & Supply Chains. 

Some of the biggest impacts have been on Balboa, Davey SpaQuip, SpaNet, Astralpool, Pentair, Waterway, Aqua-flo and others. For more information, see our Supply Chain Updates here.

There are many things that are 100% totally & completely out of our control. Unfortunately a very tiny small number of people decide to take their frustration out on us. This isn't cool, and at any sign of aggression we'll have to end our relationship. We're in this together & most of your are understanding and fantastic. :-)


- No Electronic Repairs will be guaranteed before 2021: As per above, the shortages have been tremendous, and then the lead-up to Christmas has meant that everyone has been sending things in to be assessed / repaired.

- Shipping Times: Express Post is still the fastest method of delivery once a product is out of our hands. AusPost is recommending all deliveries to be sent by 12th December. As always, PLEASE contact us to ensure we have product in stock if it is urgent!

- We are closing 23rd December, and re-opening 4th January. Most manufacturers & distributors will be closed through this period (some for a much longer period.)