More Covid-19 Updates & Manufacturer's Supply Issues
Hi all. We are really under the pump at the moment.😕 Just an update, as we've just been too busy to post many updates. Please check out our previous Covid updates here

1. We are still shipping faster than anyone else in Australia. We take pride in getting orders out as fast as possible. Australia Post is still recommending EXPRESS POST, as they prioritise this over all other methods. 

2. There are several shortages of products that are out of control due to Covid-19 production & shipping delays. As soon as we receive stock, it's straight out, usually same day. This compounds everything, as we spend A LOT of time chasing up things. We're spending more than usually in trying to get things in stock as quickly as possible.

Balboa, Davey & Gecko have been particularly hit by Covid-19 delays. Their stock changes from day to day.
  • Balboa Australia changed distributors in July, and their supply has been slower and more messy lately. They're often not giving ETAs of products.
  • Davey has had some shortages of products coming from overseas. Most products are due late October - November. 
  • Gecko is prioritizing spa manufacturers overseas, so some of their spare parts will not be available for some time. 
3. We are aware that our phones are 'going dead' when calling from Private numbers, or when all of our phones are busy. Telstra is aware of this, but have not yet sorted it out, with their own Lockdown excuse. If this is the case, please email us at

Hopefully things return to normal soon. It's tough right now, and we really appreciate your patience and understanding. Lets stick together & get through this!