Plugging / Blocking Off Jets in a Spa Bath

We get asked for plugs, caps, and covers for jets found in spa baths almost every few days. Unfortunately there are no commercially-available products for this on the market. This is due to many factors, including:

  • Hundreds of types of jets found in spa baths. There is no "universal" jet found with spa baths. Each manufacturer uses their own jets.
  • In Australia, there are some fairly stringent regulations regarding spa baths. They are required by law to have a working pump and air blower system so that the jets and air injectors can flush the lines out regularly to help prevent the growth of bacteria such as Legionella.
  • Covering jets using silicones or other sealants just simply don't work long-term. They all end up leaking or peeling.

We recommend keeping your spa bath working as intended, by replacing broken parts where necessary. When parts become unavailable, the bath may need to be replaced altogether.