Upper & Lower Spa Filter Cartridges - Sapphire, Signature & Others - Top & Bottom

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Top & Bottom cartridge filters for Sapphire, Signature, Bullfrog and other swim spas. Found on many brands swimspas that have 4 filters. Bottom half has a coarse thread, where the top filter has kind of a twist lock. See photos. We also have the Microban version of these filters listed here.

Details / Dimensions:

  • Replaces AFILK25MFS on V-Stream and others.
  • 425mm or 460mm overall height combined height (upper and lower) excluding D handle and threaded spigot.
  • D handle closed top with smooth spigot bottom to slip inside top of the LOWER cartridge. Early ones had a square handle.
  • Top Filter: 210-225mm H x 145-150mm OD x closed top x 44-53mm OD smooth spigot bottom or 
  • Bottom Filter: 220-225mm H (incl. crown) x 145-150mm OD x open crown top @ 44mm ID x 47-50mm OD ACME SAE threaded spigot bottom or 

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Upper & Lower Spa filter cartridge PAIR - suits 100 and 200 sqft Front Access Skim Filters 817-0011

Waterway skim filter UPPER and LOWER cartridge pair used in Front Access skim filters with 2 cartridges on top of each other ( single for 100 sqft, and wide mouth double, for 200 sqft)

These are not cheap, poor quality filters found elsewhere. They are OEM quality using USA made Reemay or Darlly filter material. 

Filters should be replaced 1-2 years.

Beats the Competition

  • First, Reemay/Darlly is stronger than the competition. If a media is torn, it will not filter as it’s designed to, and that can result in water that’s not as clean as you want. More durable Reemay/Darlly means cleaner water, fewer replacements for a lower cost and more time for enjoyment.
  • Second, a filter is supposed to remove contaminants from the water, but some media have fibers that break and get into the system. Reemay/Darlly is made of continuous fibers to reduce the likelihood of breakage and loss.

Caring for Your Cartridge Filter with Reemay/Darlly

  • Reemay/Darlly is easy to care for because of its strength and low breakage and loss characteristics. Cleaning it is as easy as running a garden hose…which is exactly how you clean it!
  • You’ll know your filter needs cleaning when there is an increase of 10 pound per square inch (psi) or more above the normal operating pressure listed in the owner’s manual. The pressure can be found on the cartridge’s housing canister.

To Clean the Cartridge:

  • Remove the cartridge from the housing, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Soak filter in a degreaser solution to remove oils, lotions, etc.
  • Rinse the cartridge with a garden hose from both the inside and the outside to remove coarse dirt and debris. Be sure to wash between all pleats. Fine particles of dirt are more easily removed by brushing the cartridge when it's dry. It’s not necessary to remove every speck of dirt.
  • Replace the cartridge in the housing, again following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

MSG100-k SS50T SS50B FC-SS50T FC-SS50B