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Davey QB035 Universal Spa Pool Pump for Spa Hot Tubs - .25kW .3hp- Best Prices -.

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Davey QB Series Circ Pump with exclusive 3-year Warranty from Heater & Spa Parts. 250W or 1/3HP.  Can be used to replace exactly Spanet XS 3C Pump, LX Whirlpool JA35, LX DH 1.0, Whirlpool LX JA50, Mona Lisa spa filtration pumps. Comes complete with 40mm unions and lead. 

These have the exact same fittings as a SPANET XS3C, and LX Whirlpool JA35/JA50, so no plumbing changes needed.

The Davey range of QB Series SpaPower pumps are powerful and high performing booster and circulating pumps, offering you that satisfying and carefree spa experience.

  • Powerful Pump Performance Robust pump design combined with powerful motor options delivers high performance, for a satisfying spa experience
  • Stainless Steel Pump Shaft Corrosion resistant 316SS pump shaft to ensure years of trouble-free use, even in salt water spa pool applications, for an extended pump life
  • Energy Efficient Single and two speed models available to help conserve energy during filtration cycles
  • Flexible Installation Pump housing can be turned 180° for easy installation of pipework, horizontal or vertical
  • Quiet Large suction and discharge outlets allow for higher performance but at lower noise levels, ensuring a powerful yet relaxing spa experience
  • Enhanced Pump Design Shielded yoke design helps protect the motor from any adverse leaking from the wet end whilst still meeting all industry safety standards


Alternatives With Same Fittings: (no plumbing changes needed)

Model: Warranty Differences
LX JA35 1 Year OK Seals
LX JA50 1 Year OK Seals- Higher Output
SpaNET XS-3C 2 Years OK Seals
Davey QB035 3 Years Best Seals - Viton Rubbers


QB035 Specifications:

Start Current: 5A
Run Current: 1.6A
Motor Input Power: 250W
Motor Output Power: 180W
RPM: 2900


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