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Dega Degas Everdure Pyrox Bosch Gas Spa Heater Replacement

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Replacement for all Dega / Everdure / Pyrox / Bosch / Chaffoteaux gas heaters - FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE

Dega / Degas Gas Heater Replacement. May require some plumbing changes, but fits in a very similar footprint to Dega gas heaters. Made by a well-known Australian manufacturer. Note that Dega "100mJ" were actually only using approx 60mJ, and this replacement is 70mJ.

Replaces all Dega / De-gas / Degas Gas Spa Heaters - De-gas Dega High Efficiency Compact Spa Heater 100 MJ For Natural & LPG Applications AGA Approval No 4433 | Dega Research Pty LTD Model: DE-GAS 100MJ Part Number 1-0989-00 | Onga Item No 1002850 SPAPAK 100mJ NG T/C BR9000 663 / Item No1002800 / Part No 1098800P


  • 70mJ Natural or LPG gas
  • Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Diagnostics on screen
  • Full-Flow Plumbing for faster heating times
  • Bypass style* (similar to Dega / Everdure / Pyrox / Bosch / Chaffoteaux heaters) *Pump must be 2HP or higher to set up. bypass style. Bypass style must use 25mm flexible PVC plumbing. 

 *images used for information purposes only.

We always recommend to re-route the plumbing in 40mm through the heater, rather than using bypass heating. This gives faster, more efficient heating. 

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