Hurlcon Astralpool HX70 HX120 / HX and WX Gas Conversion Kit - Natural / LPG

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Version: Natural to LPG - HX and WX Heaters
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Gas Conversion Kits for all Hurlcon Astralpool HX70 / HX120 / HX 150 / JX130 / JX 160 Gas heaters with a White Rogers gas valve. Also for WX 70 / WX 120 and other WX series heaters. Converts Natural to LPG (Propane) or LPG to Natural for the above Gas Heaters.

Make sure your heater has a White Rogers gas valve (usually late 1990s until 2018), or Techrite (after 2017) gas valve. Other gas valves are not able to be converted. You will need to purchase a new Gas valve if you do not have one of the above.  

Only Suits These Valves:
If You Have The Below Valve, You Will Need to Purchase A New Gas Valve:

Includes Compliance labels, conversion labels, gas jet nozzles, valve spring and more. This is a straightforward kit that takes about an hour for a qualified person to fit. 

As with all gas appliance work, this must be fitted by a Qualified person.

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