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Hurlcon Astralpool HX120 Gas Heater Replacement Spare Parts - Also HX70, WX, Wilton and others.

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Spare parts for all Hurlcon and Astralpool HX, WX, Wilton, and MiniMax Gas Pool & Spa Heaters. Almost all parts are always in stock. Parts for: HX 70, HX 120, HX 150, WX 70, WX 75, WX 120, Wilton Spa Heaters. Choose from the list below for the parts you need. 

Contact us for any queries you have, or if you cannot find a part. These heaters have had many revisions over 20+ years. Most parts are kept in stock, as we service and repair these regularly.
From Diagram 1 & Diagram 2:
Hurlcon Astral Pool HX Heater Parts Service Kit Basic Service Kit
(not shown)
1. Heat Exchanger HX70 / HX 120 / HX 150
2. Burner Assembly 9-Blade HX70/14 Blade HX120/20 Blade HX150
3. Ignitor - DSI Electrode Assembly
4. DSI Ignition Module
5. Transformer 240V/24V 1.25A


6. PCB Thermostat Circuit Boards
Heater Decal Label Stickers
7. Temperature Sensor 
18. Brass Well for Temperature Sensor 
Diagram 1:
8. Pressure Switch 
Inlet / Outlet Manifold Assembly - Complete
10/11/12. - Barrel Union Kit
13. / 14. / 15. / 16. / 17. / Spring
Bypass Parts & O Rings
1/2" x 3/4" 36E06-301
Gas Valve
3/4" VR8305
Gas Valve
Gas Valve
(Outlet) Hi Limit 
70°C Hi Limit  
(older units only)
21. Insulation / Fire Bricks  
HX 70 HX120  

Split Pins for Bypass

HX / JX / WX
Gas Conversion Kit

Heater Remote Control





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All parts must be fitted by a Qualified person!