Davey Spaquip Spa Power 600, 601 Heater Element Tube Assembly - SP600 / SP601

Size: 1.5kW Ti Heater for SP600 & SP601

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Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 600 / 601 heater element / tube assembly. This is the newer Titanium element since 2016, which retrofits the older obsolete Teflon-coated elements. These are more sturdy heaters than the older type. This assembly comes with new high-temperature sensors and water sensor. 

New heaters have Titanium elements and a slightly different body. The old ones have been superseded by this new Retrofit.


  • Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 600
  • Spa Power 601
  • SP600
  • SP 601


New Style Heater Wiring Diagram

Sp600 Sp600 Sp600 SP 600 SP 601  SP601 

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