Spaquip Spa Power 750 SP750 Touchpad Control Panel Keypad

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Spaquip Spa Power 750 digital touch pad and overlay. Suits all Spa-Quip Spa Power SP750 spa control systems. Comes with the overlay / decal. Also fits Wilton Spas SP750 & Sapphire versions. User manual found here.

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Several variations of overlays have been used by different spa companies. This is the Genui. OEM version that suits all SP 750 controllers. 

Also fits Wilton Spas SP750 & Sapphire versions.

Model: Spa Power SpaQuip 750

  • Face Size: 138 X 78mm
  • Hole Size: 120 X 60mm

Spare Parts for Spa Power 750 Spa Controllers:
- Touchpad / Keypad
Touchpad Overlay Decal
- Heater
- Transformer 

Your controller may have the following numbers: Spa Power 750, SP750, SP750A20, SP750A30, SP750B20, SP750B30. 

Q70071-03SP7 & Q916899

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