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Theralux Spa Sanitizer - Lithium Hypochlorite Replacement - also SpaCare Sanitiser

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The Perfect Lithium Spa Sanitizer Replacement. As Lithium hypochlorite is no longer available, or manufactured, due to increased demand in other areas, this sanitizer is the ideal replacement. With the addition of Theralux Mineral additive, you can convert your spa to the ultimate mineral spa.

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• Multi-purpose sanitiser
• Softens and smooths water
• Clarifies to produce sparkling clear water
• Prevents the growth of algae Introducing

Theralux Spa Shock & Sanitiser is a multi-purpose sanitiser. It’s application is ideal to shock your spa water into crystal clear clarity, allowing you to swim almost instantly.

This product will kill germs fast, clarify and also condition the spa water providing a soft bathing experience. This is the perfect product to create healthy water that is also soft and gentle.


Spa Shock & Sanitiser is a high oxidiser and a low chlorine level product, making it an ideal instant shock that allows swimmers to re-enter the water within one hour of application.

Spa Shock & Sanitiser also contains:

Tetraborate: Softens, clarifies and hinders the growth of algae.

Non-Chlorine Oxidiser: Removes unwanted organics, combined chlorines freeing up your chlorines ability to effectively sanitise the water.

Clarifying Agent: Gathers fine particles together making them big enough to be trapped in the filter. 

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