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Pool & Spa Gas Heaters

Gas Pool & Spa Gas Heaters

The Biggest Range of Gas Heaters at the Best Prices. As an Authorized Service Agent for most brands below, should you have any issues you can deal with us directly. We deliver to most areas with full Warranty.
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ASTRAL POOL / HURLCON Gas Pool & Spa Heaters:
Spa Heaters: HX 70HX 120Wall-Mount JX 130Wall-Mount JX 160
Pool Heaters: Standard - HiNRG 175HiNRG 250HiNRG 400
Pool Heaters: Premium - Viron eVo 250Viron eVo 250Viron eVo 450
New Product: ICI 200 Gas Heater, ICI 400 Gas Heater 

RAYPAK / RHEEM Gas Pool & Spa Heaters:

Spa Heaters: Standard Spartan 131
Spa Heaters: Premium - Raypak Premium 127Raypak Premium 167
Pool Heaters: Standard Raypak 200Raypak 280Raypak 350Raypak 430
Pool Heaters: Premium 
Raypak Commercial 280Raypak Commercial 430

DEGA / DE-GAS Gas Spa Heaters:
 100mJ, 200mJ
Replacement Heaters

PENTAIR / WATERCO / STA-RITE Gas Pool & Spa Heaters: 
(Literally the Same Heaters --> Mastertemp, Turbotemp, Max E Pro)
Spa Heater: 
Mastertemp 125
Pool Heaters: Standard 
Mastertemp 200Mastertemp 300Mastertemp 400

HAYWARD Gas Pool & Spa Heaters:

Pool Heaters: Standard - Hayward H150, Hayward H250, Hayward H400

ZODIAC Gas Pool & Spa Heaters:
Pool & Spa Heaters: Standard - Zodiac JXi 200, Zodiac JXi 370

ONGA ULTRA Gas Spa Heaters:

No longer made, since early 2000s

INSNRG Gas Heaters:
Not Sold. Not Recommended.