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Hurlcon Astralpool MX/HX 70280 Gas Heater Thermostat PCB Main Board

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Thermostat Control Pad - Touchpad Printed Circuit Board Controller for most Hurlcon / Astralpool HX, MX & JX gas heaters built after 2001. Hurlcon spa heater control board or display board panel.

Some are labeled HEAT10.PCB Genus 4,  HEAT13.PCB Genus 4. Genus 4 V2, 70280 Genus 4 by Fabtronics. A814073-002 A814073-001 Genus4 Heatar CTL 16F888ITN09-0779-0000 P/N A814073-002 0927240622 B 504073-000 0701002969.

Some older Hurlcon heaters may have only 3 buttons on the label, but has a cutout on the back for the 4th Pool/Spa button. You will need to replace the Sticker on these.

We sometimes have Refurbished* Thermostat PCBs. 

New Sticker / Decal / Facia / Labels are here, and we strongly recommend replacing with new PCB, as some of the older ones were not UV Resistant.

A-Grade Refurbished boards have good screens, new buttons, etc.

B-Grade Refurbished boards sometimes have some LCD 'bleed' on the screens, but are perfectly usable. They may also have water damage repairs. 

Boards may come mounted in a used plastic facia, as we sometimes store them that way to protect the long, fragile buttons.

We are no longer repairing these boards, as most have water damage that may progress even after repairs. 

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