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Hurlcon Astralpool MX200-500 IN/OUT MANIFOLD Complete

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New style manifolds comes with gasket-side made of bronze, rather than the older plastic types that leaked. This is the side where the barrel unions screw into the manifold.

When replacing, make sure ALL rust in removed on heat exchanger plate. A good Sealant (not silicone!) may need to be used to fill gaps in pitted cast iron after rust removal. Use a sealant such as Permatex Copper found here. Some heaters are too far gone to repair.

This kit comes complete also with 9x new tube seal gaskets

Some parts from the original manifold will need to be swapped onto new manifold. 

Warranty does not cover damage from improper installation or usage (leaks, crossed-threads, damaged, bromine-usage, poor water quality, or installation by a non-qualified person.)

Comes with all parts in diagram below as highlighted.

Does NOT suit MX 125 heaters.

These are a special-order item and cannot be refunded. They are not kept in stock and are manufactured to order by Astralpool. We have no control over them, as the manufacturer only keeps 3x days worth of spare parts at any given time. Their spare parts are then manufactured when they get around to it. Sometimes we get things in a few days, other times it can be weeks. 

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