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Hurlcon Astralpool Raypak Honeywell Smart Gas Valve

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Hurlcon Astralpool - 73733 HX/HM/HB 200-400 (Does not suit MX500)
Raypak - 56609198 H.S.I. SV9605H 1004 (Smart Valve)

Also suits any other Gas system that uses the Honeywell 9605H-1004 Smart Valve

Suits These Heaters:

Hurlcon AstralPool Models
MX 150, MX 200, MX 250, MX 300, MX 350, MX 400

Raypak 280, Raypak 350, Raypak 430, RP2100 models and many more.

This valve is also found in many other gas appliances.

Other Parts that should be replaced when replacing the gas valve:
- Pilot Assembly HSI
- Hurlcon Astralpool Pilot Tube

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