Thermann 16L 6-Star Continuous Hot Water Heater

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Thermann has taken the hot water market by storm over the past few years outselling most other brands and here’s why:

  • Interchangeable with all other continuous flow makes and models and brands
  • Readily available from major outlets, and always in stock
  • 12 year Heat exchanger warranty, that’s two more years than Rinnai’s equal unit
  • Great aftersales service seldom required
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Made In Japan, The Japanese always offer superior quality.
  • The entire system can be dismantled with a single Philips head screwdriver, Now that’s Engineering

The Thermann 6 star 20L energy-efficient LPG Continuous Flow has a nominal gas consumption of 200 MJ/h under a 12-year warranty. It comes with optional universal controllers to ensure you always have precise control of your hot water temperature settings.

Product Features:

  • A natural gas-fuelled gas hot water heater in 60 degrees
  • 6.1-star energy efficiency rating
  • Australian Gas Association  (AGA) approved
  • Japanese technology and manufacture
  • Capacity at 25°C rise is 16L/min
  • Capacity at 40°C rise is 10L/min
  • Dimensions (DxWxH mm) 200x350x520
  • Dry weight is 16kg

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