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Aquaflo 1/15th HP Circ Master HP Circulation Pump - CMCP CMHP FMCP FMHP for Spas

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Aquaflo Circ-Master HP circulation pump CMCP - The 2nd most economical high flow circulation pump in the industry at approx 170w -  1/15th HP, 220-240v, 50Hz, 0.62A, 1425 rpm. 

Used on SCS Industries spas such as Signature Spas, Bullfrog, Leisurite, Lanark, Cyclone Spas, Designer Series Spas, as well as Leisurite and many others. 

When cared for, these pumps often last 10 years or more.

May also be known as: CircMaster, CMHP, CMHP-550114, # 02410004-2 Code 08155, 02410004-2, Model K55MYRPY-2111 Part No 9352-9306. CMCP, CMXP,  APUMC1562A, APUMC1552A, Waterway Plastics Iron Might, A-02410004-2510, 3J10070-0E, FMCP, FMHP

Replaces Waterway Iron Might Circ Pump directly.

The genuine Aquaflo Circ-Master HP pump can also be used to replace higher powered/less efficient Chinese LX JA 35 and LX JA 50 circulation pumps at less than half the running cost. Slight re-plumbing may be required in those cases as the discharge pipe on the Circ-Master is offset compared to the centre discharge LX circulation pumps. Union threads are the same.

HP 1/15 
RPM 1425
AC VOLTS 220-240 V
S.F. 1.25
S.F.A. .03 A

Alternative pumps with the exact same thread are available and listed as Variants. May require very minor plumbing change if using an alternative. Most spas do not need changes. See prices & alternatives listed under Variants: Please Choose the Correct Pump!

Spare Parts:

- Unions
- Impellers
- Mechanical Seal
- Casing / Body O-Ring Seal

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