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Kept in Stock. Fast Shipping. This semi-Universal Pro-Tec pump cover is complete with wall brackets and mounting base. It can be adapted for left hand or right hand mounts. Suits many brands of pumps. Commonly used for Spa Bath Pumps. Used by Edgetec & Decina as their official pump covers, but suits a wide range of other spa bath pumps.

The roto-moulded cover protects the spa bath pump from all weather conditions and can be easy removed if required.

The Pro-Tec pump cover will further reduce the noise level and is moulded in a neutral Merino colour.

Cover is blank at both ends for various pump mounting. 

Often used with this Pipe Cover Plate.

Dimensions & Details:

  • Height: ~300mm (Officially 308mm)
  • Width: ~165mm (Officially 174mm)
  • Length: ~420mm (Officially 430mm) 
  • Dimensions may vary slightly due to the Roto-mould design
  • Note that cover is quite flexible so can be fitted over various pumps.
  • Comes with angle brackets, pump mount, and various hardware.

E-6400 / EDG119 / E6400