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SpaNet QuietFlo XS-3C Spa circulation pump 350w

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SpaNet QuietFlo XS 3C circulation pump with AMP cord & pump unions.  IN STOCK. FAST SHIPPING. Replaces circulation pumps used on Monarch, Oasis, SpaWord Spas and many others. (older Monarch supplied pumps have a silver coloured motor - the wet-end internals differ from these new pumps). Fits in exactly where a Davey QB 035 or LX JA35 or LX JA50 pump fits. 

Pickup available in Vic. Contact for Info.

Spa Net QuietFlo XS-3C Specifications:
Power Supply: 220-240v, 1PH, 50Hz,
Rated Amperage: 1.6A,
Horsepower: 0.35HP 
RPM: 2900
Capacitor 7uF / 450V
Max Flow: 170L/min
Max Head: 7.5m
Union fittings: Nominal 40mm (48.5 ID)
Environment Temp: 40°C
Standard Cord: AMP OverMoulded Plug

  • Comes standard with Overmoulded AMP plug. Aus 3-Pin, Mini JJ or plugs available. Please order separately, and notify us when ordering so we can fit it. Or, you can use your old cord.