SpaQuip MaxiFlow Replacement Spa Pumps - 1.5hp/2.0hp/2.5hp/3.0hp - Spa Power - Davey Jet Booster Pump

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Model: Q6883 to Q2001 - SpaQuip Davey
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SpaQuip Maxiflow Spa Pump replacements. The Maxi-flow has been superceded by the following models listed below. The retrofit pumps generally fit where the Maxiflow pumps were, but in some cases, some plumbing modifications may be needed. The newer pumps are often slightly taller, and longer than the old pumps. Replacement pumps come with split unions for minimal changes. 

- Shipped Fast from NSW, VIC, QLD. 
- Can be picked up from our Factory & Showroom at 10 Industry Blvd, Carrum Downs, Vic

Maxiflow Replacement Pumps Listed here:

Q6882 is superceded by Q1501
Old Specs: 1.5HP / 1100W / Single-speed
40mm centre inlet/outlet.
Note this pump is very different to the old Maxiflow.

Q6883 is superceded by Q2001
Old Specs:
 2.0HP / 1500W / Single-speed. Also 2.5HP Cat No A7134075  Use Q2001
50mm centre inlet/offset outlet

Q6887 is superceded by Q2002 
Old Specs:
 2.0HP / 1500W / Two-speed
50mm centre inlet/offset outlet

Q6884 is superceded by Q2501 
Old Specs:
 2.5HP / 1800W / Single-speed
50mm centre inlet/offset outlet

Q6888 is superceded by Q2502 
Old Specs:
 2.5hp / 1800W / Two-speed.
50mm centre inlet/offset outlet

Q6885 is superceded by Q2501 
Old Specs:
 3.0HP / 2100W / Single-speed.
50mm centre inlet/offset outlet

Q6889 is superceded by Q2502 
Old Specs:
 3.0HP / 2100W / Two-speed
50mm centre inlet/offset outlet

7252STE-A17 — Use  Q2501 
Cat No A7134075  Use Q2001 
K48A36C47 - Use  Q2502 
8152STK-A20 Brook Compton Betts - Use  Q1501

  • Comes standard with Overmoulded AMP plug. Aus 3-Pin, Mini JJ or plugs available. Please order separately, and notify us when ordering so we can fit it. Or, you can use your old cord.

Spa Power Pump

May also  be labelled:
Q6882, Q6882-AMP, Q6882-C38, Q6882-JJ is superceded by Q1501
Q6883, Q6883-AMP, Q6883-C38, Q6883-JJ is superceded by Q2001
Q6887, Q6887-AMP, Q6887-C38, Q6887-JJ is superceded by Q2002 
Q6884, Q6884-AMP, Q6884-C38, Q6884-JJ is superceded by Q2501 
Q6888, Q6888-AMP, Q6888-C38, Q6888-JJ is superceded by Q2502 
Q6885, Q6885-AMP, Q6885-C38, Q6885-JJ is superceded by Q2501 
Q6889, Q6889-AMP, Q6889-C38, Q6889-JJ is superceded by Q2502 

OLD STYLE Spa-Quip Maxi Flow:




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