Edgetec Triflo 0.8/1.0/1.5HP Spa-Key - Spa Bath Pumps - Wireless Remote Control

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Edgetec Triflo Spa Key Model

1HP Edgetec spa bath pump with remote control. Can also be used with Edgetec variable speed blowers. Requires no wiring to remote. Includes a new Spa Key Remote Control.

This elegant SPA-KEY handset is a unique radio operated remote control system which is housed in an water-resistant casing. By simply pressing the nominated key pad the SPA-KEY will operate the pump and heater. It also has additional buttons to switch on a Spa Blower and Light.

The internal control system features automatic shut down under “no water/blocked suction” condition for optimum safety.

The TriFlo pump internal design allows the water to self drain so that there is no residue water left in the pump when the spa is emptied in accordance with Local Health Regulations.

TriFlo spa bath pumps are designed for spa bath operation only and should not be used in chemically treated water or permanently filled spas or any other purpose.

There are 3 power sizes in the range - 0.8 hp, 1.0 hp and 1.5 Hp - these are designed to match the type, size and number of spa jets in your bath. View my other listings for the alternative power sizes.

Model 6108 (L X W X H): 384.00 x 148.00 x 198.00 Weight: 8.50
Model 6102 (L X W X H): 384.00 x 148.00 x 198.00 Weight: 8.50
Model 6105 (L X W X H): 406.00 x 148.00 x 198.00 Weight: 9.50

Today’s multi jet spa baths, require a spa bath pump with high flow performance but quiet operation. We have achieved both these features with the TriFlo spa bath pump. The TriFlo has a patented twin and single outlet flow path which allows the TriFlo to deliver the water required to today’s multi jetted spa baths ensuring user satisfaction. We have a range of options for you to choose from, each providing a range of features to suit your personal requirements.

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