Spa Bath Air Bleed - In-line Universal 40mm

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Spa bath pump not priming? This could be your solution. Suits almost all spa bath installations and pumps from Davey, Onga, Balboa, Edgetec, Englefield, and more. 

Typically used where the spa bath pump plumbing is slightly wrong and pump has issues priming. Suits 40mm pressure PVC (48mm OD). 

Allows air to bleed from the pump and pipework automatically when filling the bath or spa. Once water rises above the valve, the floating poppet rises with the water and automatically seals the vent. With the pump running the system is sealed and does not leak. 


  • Spa Bath - replacement for failed or missing spa bath pump built in air bleed valves - run tube from valve in a loop if necessary, as there may be an initial 'spurt' of water when the pump kicks in. 
  • Spa Pools - fit to pipework for heater or pump to bleed air when filling - run tube to a spare port on air venturi control.

Must be installed on the pressure/outlet side of the pump.

Note: Supplied without the air bleed valve activated. 

To Activate: Carefully cut off the small nipple in the groove above the barbed valve stem. Ensure it is not crushed out of round or it will leak.

The valve stem itself cannot be replaced. If the stem is damaged, a new fitting will need to be re-plumbed in place.