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Poppits Chlorine Free Spa Sanitiser 15 litre - Heater and Spa Parts

Poppits Chlorine Free Spa Sanitiser 15 litre

  • From $125.00

Poppits Chlorine Free Spa Sanitiser 15 litre 

  • Conditions chlorine free sanitiser with Silver
  • Clarifies water and kills the bacteria in spa water
  • Part of the poppit chlorine free spa treatment system
  • The Easiest way to balance and maintain your pool or spa water
  • Endorsed by the Asthma Council of Australia and New Zealand


Manufacturer: Pool and Spa Poppits

Size: 150 gm/litre Hydrogen Peroxide

Directions for use:

Add 1 litre per 1000L of water at start up with your jets on for 20 minutes then you can use your spa.

Weekly add 500ml per 1000L for an average user- more if you are a heavy user. Average use is 1-2 people 2-3 times per week.This is a guide only.

Always check with your test strip before entering your spa, ideally your Peroxide level should be 100ppm.

Please read Poppits Sanitiser label for instructions and dose rates.


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