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Spa Sanitation System - Chlorine Free

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This is a Spa Sanitation system we actually use on our own spa. We haven't added Lithium, Bromine, or Peroxide for 18 months! Although we do recommend a residual chlorine level.

Installed after the filter, and returning at almost any point in the spa. The deeper the return the better. This system filters the water 24hrs a day using minimal power, and generates powerful O3 sanitizer the whole time. This has been very popular with people with skin conditions, and those that use a spa for long periods of time, such as athletes, jockies, and people with injuries.

Comes with:

- US-Made Ozone Generator - CSN, Del Ozone, etc
- 24hr 70w ITT Laing Circulation pump
- 2x 19mm Barb fittings
- Hose Clamps

 **NEW** Option for UV-C - For the ULTIMATE Sanitation. Choose the UV-C option for the most powerful chlorine-free sanitizing system available. UV-C is used in commercial pools around the world.

Product images not to scale, and ozone generator may not be as pictured when supplied.

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