SpaCare Rapid Shock - OxyShock - ShockRight Plus - Chlorine Free Oxidiser - 2kg

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2kg Chlorine free oxidiser for spas and pools. Used to remove combined chlorine and burn off organic particles, etc. Active Oxygen 5.6% Blend of Persulphates.

Rapid Shock is a Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment for spas & hot tubs.
  • It is a highly concentrated, fast dissolving oxygen compound that reduces and eliminates combined chlorine levels. It is very fast acting and a spa or hot tub may be used only 15 minutes after dosing.
  • Used regularly it increases sanitiser effect. It also contains a clarifying agent creating extra sparkle.
  • It may be used as a non-chlorine shock for ornamental ponds and fountains.

Directions for Use:
Sprinkle required dosage over surface of water with pump and filter turned on.
Rapid Shock will dissolve within 2-3 minutes.

Initial Dose:
75gm of Rapid Shock per 1000 litres water

A blend of persulphates (non-chlorine oxidisers) containing 5.6% available oxygen. Ideal for oxidising spas and chloramine reduction in swimming pools.

Its unique blend also makes it suitable for all Ionised pools giving a long term oxidising effect.


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