Hybrid Universal Pool Heater Control Module - Smart Energy Hybrid System

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Universal Pool & Spa Heater Control Module. Allows almost any Gas Heater (Astralpool, Raypak, Hurlcon, Zodiac, Pentair, etc) or Heat Pump (EvoHeat, Madimack, Raypak) to be used with almost any Spa Control System (Balboa, Gecko, AeWare, SpaNET, SpaQuip, Davey) .

Allows Existing Spa Touchpad to Control Gas Heater or Heat Pump. 

External heat source integration module for portable spas. This converts almost any electric heater spa or pool controller to allow use of a gas heater or heat pump, and still be controlled by your existing spa's touchpad.

Also known as a "Hybrid Heating Module" and is similar (but better) to the system that Signature, Spa Industries, Just Spas, Designer Spas, Leisurite, etc use. 

Suits almost ALL brands/models of spa control systems from Gecko, Balboa, Davey Spa-quip, Hydroquip, etc.

Connects to the Pool/Spa Controller 240V heater output & then to the external heat source control circuit.  

When the spa control system calls for heat, the circulation pump is activated & power is applied to the integration module, which in turn completes the extra low-voltage control circuit in the external heat source.

Basic Installation (for most heaters): Must be installed by a qualified person. 

  1. Disconnect electric heater element from Spa Control System internally.
  2. Connect main 240V cable from Hybrid module (Black Cable) to PCB heater connection within existing spa control system.
  3. Connect Figure-8 or other appropriate twin cable wire to spring connections on Hybrid module, and run to the heater (polarity not relevant).
  4. Depending on heater, the most common method is to fit one 6.3mm Male spade on one figure-8 wire, and one Female 6.3mm Female spade connector on the other figure-8 wire
  5. In heater, disconnect one plug off of the pressure switch/flow switch, and plug Female spade connector to the pressure switch, while connecting the male terminal from the Hybrid module wire to the wire that was previously connected to the pressure switch.
  6. Set Heater to Max (40°C) and to "On" and ensure everything is connected properly
  7. Now control temperature from existing spa touchpad.


  • Some controllers like the AeWare systems may need a small 'dummy load' connected to the 240V electric heater line, such as a transformer, etc.
  • Some systems may have somewhat different requirements. 
  • When purchasing, contact us with your make & model of existing control system, and make & model of heater you need connected.
  • Hybrid Module must be mounted appropriately.
  • Warranty: 1-Year


  • Spa Controller heater output connection: 240V
  • Heat source control circuit connection 5-24v AC/DC, up to 10A (2400W)
  • Connection requirement in the external heat source varies between type, make and model. Heater temperature setting must be set to maximum temperature so that it will function correctly.


  • Hybrid Heater Integration Module w/ 240V Cable ~1m

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