747 IPS Weld-on Pool 'R Spa Glue - 118mL - Blue

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118mL Blue Glue. This is the best Flexible PVC glue available. It is Essential for any flexible PVC gluing. Also great for normal rigid pressure and non-pressure plumbing. This is the Blue version, where the blue glue eventually Fades to Clear in UV Sunlight.

  • Blue
  • Medium Bodied
  • Extremely Fast Setting
  • Up to 6″ pipe size
  • (up to 4″ in sch. 80)
  • Quarter Pint (113ml)
  • Half Pint (236ml)
  • Pint (473ml)
  • Gallon (3.8Ltr) tins
  • Use P68 Primer
  • Premium PVC cement formulated for pool & spa applications. Ideal for wet and quick pressurization conditions.
  • Can be used without primer on non-pressure systems.
Premium cement specially formulated for use on flexible and/or rigid PVC. Forms flexible, high strength joints.

Regular thin Bunnings/Reece/Tradelink/etc PVC glue will leak eventually as it does not fill, flex, or adhere properly and does not keep it's flexibility like this glue. This glue is thicker and therefore fills gaps.

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