Spa Equipment Instructions, Product Manuals, and Troubleshooting information for your spa & pool equipment. This is being updated regularly. Contact us for any specific manual or instructions you require.

Error Codes & Meanings:

    Basic Spa Water Chemistry Cheat Sheets



    Manuals & Instructions

    Please contact us for manuals, as we have tons! Astralpool, Davey, SpaNet, Spa-Quip, Balboa, Gecko, AEWare, E-Think, LX, and more. It is best to send a photo of your touchpad, as there are hundreds of variations.
      • Spa Controllers:
      • Gas Heaters:
        • Astralpool / Hurlcon: JX130/160, HX70/120, MX125-400, HiNRG 175-400, Viron 250, Viron 350-450, Viron eVo 250, Viron eVo 350-450, ICI 200, ICI 400.
        • Raypak: Spartan 131, 200-430
        • Pentair: Mastertemp 125-400