Spa Equipment Instructions, Product Manuals, and Troubleshooting information for your spa & pool equipment. This is being updated regularly. Contact us for any specific manual or instructions you require.

Important: Note that many products we list are OEM products and may have no instructions, much like when ordering car parts, as they are intended to be used, fitted, etc, by an experienced & qualified person. 

Error Codes & Meanings:

    Basic Spa Water Chemistry Cheat Sheets



    Manuals & Instructions

    Please contact us for manuals, as we have tons! Astralpool, Davey, SpaNet, Spa-Quip, Balboa, Gecko, AEWare, E-Think, LX, and more. It is best to send a photo of your touchpad, as there are hundreds of variations.
      • Spa Controllers:
      • Gas Heaters:
        • Astralpool / Hurlcon: JX130/160, HX70/120, MX125-400, HiNRG 175-400, Viron 250, Viron 350-450, Viron eVo 250, Viron eVo 350-450, ICI 200, ICI 400.
        • Raypak: Spartan 131, 200-430
        • Pentair: Mastertemp 125-400