We go well above & beyond other companies when it comes to Warranty & Returns, but we do have to have rules and a policy in place, so as not to be taken advantage of, and we always err on the side of the customer!

Warranty is in accordance with each Manufacturer's Warranty. For all products purchased, the product must be returned to us at your cost for assessment. See notes below.

All Electrical & Gas work Must be carried out by Licensed, Qualified, and Experienced persons. Electrical & Gas work is not "DIY."

Returns / Change Of Mind / Incorrect Orders:

We are not a "Swap & See If It Works" service, and we cannot offer a "change of mind" return process, unless previously organized. Please ensure you are ordering the correct part. We are very fair in this because we want you to have the right parts! 

  • Once an item is installed/used/marked, it cannot be returned unless previously arranged prior to purchase. If it shows any signs of not being absolutely brand new condition, we may be unable to accept it back. 

  • Items can only be returned if there is genuinely a manufacturing fault.

  • Items must be installed by a qualified person, to the manufacturer's specifications, and to current Australian Standards. Evidence of this may be required. 
Approved Returns:
  • Shipping/Freight is not refunded.
  • We charge a minimum 10-20% re-stocking fee for non-electrical items we accept back to cover our costs to inspect, check, test, process, and repackage. 
  • Non-electrical items that are marked or show signs of installation may either not be refunded, or you may be charged a devaluation fee, as item can not be re-sold as New.
  • We charge a miniumum 10-20% re-stocking fee for electrical items we accept back to cover inspection, bench testing, re-packaging. We may also charge a percentage of its price for de-valuation due to use, marking, etc. (Connections, Screws, Mounts & Spade terminals all show signes of installation.) 
  • You wouldn't expect a Used item being sold as New, nor should anyone else.  
Warranty Claims:

As many of our parts are electronic, or gas-related, we must assess each product if there appears to be an issue. We are more than fair on warranty, but unfortunately we have found products in the past not to have manufacturing faults, but have been fitted or used incorrectly. We have fantastic relationships with manufacturers and are always on the side of our customers! 

If a warranty claim is approved, we will send another compatible or identical product, or issue a refund within 15 business days. 

All warranty claims are subject to product return to us for inspection by us, or the manufacturer / distributor, to determine the cause of failure before any warranty repair or replacement can be approved. If the product is found to be defective with a manufacturing fault within the warranty period, the product will be repaired or replaced, or a refund will be given.

Warranty may automatically be void:

  • If the product was not installed by an authorised, licensed, experienced person. (eg: All Gas & Electrical work must be performed by a Licensed person).
  • If the product has failed due to misuse, abuse, neglect, chemical damage, electrical damage, etc. 
  • If the product is altered in any way, by anyone other than us, or unless prior authorization is given.
  • If the product is not installed and used in a correct manner.
  • If missing labels, seals, cords, and parts, etc. (must be as sold)
  • Wearable items are not covered by Warranty (fuses, globes, mechanical seals, o-rings, etc)

It is expressly understood & agree that we shall not be liable or responsible for any costs incurred for labour, services, transportation, or any other charges that may arise in connection with the removal of an item and/or installation consequential (including, but not limited to incidental or consequential damages for lost profits, lost sales, injury to person or property, or any other incidental or consequential loss) resulting from the use or inability to use the product, and the user agrees that no other remedy shall be available to it.

The maximum liability under this warranty shall not exceed the contract price of the product. This warranty applies in addition to other rights and remedies you may have under the Australian Consumer Law or any other law.

Freight of the product under claim is the responsibility of the sender and the current amount of freight charged for outbound freight will be credited to the customer in compensation once a warranty claim is approved.

General Warranty Periods:

  • See documentation for each product for Warranty periods.
  • Contact us if you cannot find. We will need model & product information.
  • Spare Parts often carry 3-months to 1-year
  • Whole Products are generally 1-3 years
  • Aquaflo Circ-Master and XP2 Pumps - 2 years
  • Elecro heaters, heat exchangers and Quantum units - 3 years
  • Xylem E-10 & E-14 pumps - 1 year parts
  • Gecko Aeware electronic controls - 2 years
  • Davey (Spaquip) electronic controls - 2 years
  • Davey pumps - 1-3 years (see documentation)
  • Davey / Spa-Quip Spare Parts - 6 or 12 months 
  • LX pumps and blowers - 2 years parts
  • Balboa Water Group  - 2 years controllers/ Spare Parts - 1 year
  • All other COMPLETE product - 1 year unless manufacturers warranty exceeds this. 
  • All consumables - Pillows, standard incandescent Lamps, pump Mechanical Seals - 7 days
  • All Fuses - Nil Warranty - Guaranteed at the time of despatch.
  • All other spare parts* - 6 months or as stated in the individual item's description.
  • All warranties are PARTS ONLY 
  • Touchpads - No Warranty for touchpads fitted in a 'moisture zone' regardless of whether the original manufacturer of the spa placed it there. The moisture zone is the area above the water line sealed off by a fitted spa cover. In particular any inward sloping panel.

If manufacturers warranty alters and is different to that stated above, the manufacturers warranty applies.

Warranty Does Not Cover: (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Return Freight.
  • Labour, Installation, Removal, Programming, etc.
  • Callouts of any kind.
  • Any other work.
  • Other materials to repair or replace an item.
  • Incorrect Installation.
  • Chemical or Corrosive Damage.
  • Damage from outside sources.
When Returning Items:
  • Contact us first to arrange return.
  • Include your original Proof of Purchase.
  • Include a Note for reason of Return.
  • Include your Contact Details.
  • Include whole product and all parts that came with it.
  • Items without all of the above may not be processed. 

Return Address:
Heater & Spa Parts
Factory 1 / 10 Industry Blvd
Carrum Downs, Vic 3201 

This is a basic summary of Warranty & Return information.  More Warranty terms here.