Universal Spa Industries, Sapphire, Signature and more Spa Cartridge Filter - 50 sqft 225x143 205x145 210x149

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Save $$ By Purchasing Multiple Filters! (Automatic Discount) Semi-Universal spa cartridge replacement filter for most spas since the 2000s. 50ft² filter area. Uses name-brand Reemay, Darlly, or Magnum filtration fibres. These are high-quality filters, used by all OEM spa manufacturers. We also have these available in Microban (blue) material.  Made with USA or NZ fibre. These are not cheap, generic filters.

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Originally were approx 225mm x 150mm diameter. Now they measure  205mm x 145mm or 210mm x 149mm (up to 150mm). Outside thread diameter approx 47-50mm when new. Has ACME Course-threaded bottom. Some had a D-Shaped handle, or Square handle. 

This is a semi-universal 50sq ft filter cartridge that fits many brands of spas. It is commonly used to replace the taller filters used in Spa Industries' various brands of spas. 

New version is shorter to suit more types of spas, but has exactly the same amount of filtration surface area.

Older versions of this filter were sometimes a little wider, or taller.

Spa Industries, Signature, Sapphire, Lanark, Signature, Cyclone, Designer, Heritage, Escape, Leisurite, Fisher, Costco, Aqua Pulse, threaded skimmer filter cartridge. 

Replaces Part Nos: RFIL150505, FCD22, RFILA1525B, AFILK2525F, RFILA 15050, PWW50, 817-0050, WW50S, WY45, MWY45, SG50, FC-FCD226, FCD226, SG50, AFILK2525F, RFILWAT50T and others. 

Suitable replacement filter for filters used on many:

  • Signature Spas, Spa-Quip, Waterway, CMP and other spas
  • Bunnings spa models: Mandalay Bay & Venetian
  • Poolwerx spas
  • Spas For Life
  • Fisher spas
  • Escape spas
  • Lifestyle spas
  • Costco spas
  • SG50

Brands & Models:

Cyclone Models: Breeze, Force Advantage, Force Luxury, Monsoon Advantage, Monsoon Luxury, Monsoon Luxury Plus, Storm Sports, Storm, Hurricane, Monsoon, Storm, Tempest, Tornado, Twister, Typhoon, Whirlwind and Zephyr

Tempest Luxury, Tempest Sports, Twister Advantage,Twister Luxury, Twister Sports, Zephyr Luxury

Designer Spas:
 Atlantic 243 ,Atlantic 445, Azure 242, Cascade 217, Cascade 317 =, Colorado 116, Colorado 234, Colorado 239, Colorado 339, Entertainer 582, Entertainer 582, Hot Tub 324 ,Lagoon 256, Lagoon 460, Milan 237, Milan 452, Regatta, Riviera 597, Tasman 239, Tasman 341, Titan 244, Titan 458, Trinity 448, Atlantic, Azure, Cascade, Colorado, Entertainer, Lagoon, Milan, Regatta, Riviera, Tasman, Titan, Trinity and X-Stream 126 (Super Swim)

Heritage Spas:
 Apollo, Recliner, Regence, Regency, Rio, Riverside

Lanark Spas: Atlantic Swim Spa Hurricane, Atlantic Swim Spa Storm, Atlantic Swim Spa Typhoon, Byron Bay Hurricane, Byron Bay Typhoon, Cantwell Bay Hurricane, Cantwell Bay Typhoon, Coast 1, Corio Bay Typhoon, Coronet Bay Hurricane, Crystal Bay Hurricane, Crystal Bay Typhoon, Diamond Bay Typhoon, Jarvis Bay Hurricane, Jarvis Bay Typhoon, Pacific Swim Spa Hurricane, Pacific Swim Spa Storm, Pacific Swim Spa Typhoon,Pearl Bay Hot Tub Hurricane, Summer Bay Hurricane, Victoria Bay Storm, Warratah Bay Hurricane, Warratah Bay Typhoon

Leisurerite Spas: Aztec, Elite Octagon, Manhattan, Rio, Sahara, Supreme, Swim Stream 125, Swim Stream 342, Venetian

Signature Spas: Big Sir, Miami, Millenium, President and V-Stream 1 (Super Swim), Big Sir, President and V-Stream 1 (Super Swim)

Spa Industries: Fiji, Grand, Heat and Hyrdo

Bunnings: Mandalay Bay & Venetian

Poolwerx: Motion

Spas For Life: Relaxer
Fisher spas
Escape spas
Lifestyle spas
Costco spas
Davey Spa Quip Wide Mouth Filter Cartridge

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