Aeware Spa Control System Complete with in.k450 touchpad & 3.0kw heater - WiFi Option

Version: w/ in.k450 Touchpad

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Aeware's newest controller built on the same platform as the in.xe series controllers, however this model uses the industry popular AMP plug style connections - making it a perfect replacement for Balboa spa packs without the need to rewire pumps and equipment (for those models being replaced, fitted with AMP cords) or replumbing. WiFi option available to control your spa from virtually anywhere. C

Universal spa control system Can Control: 1, 2 or 3* pumps plus circulation pump, blower, ozone and light. Comes with 3.0kw heater & in.k450 touchpad.

5 outputs: Accomodates a combination of 5 of the following: 3 pumps, blower, circ pump, ozone, light, aux/audio

  • Output 1 = Pump
  • Output 2 = Pump or Blower
  • Output 3 = Blower or Circulation Pump
  • Output 4 = Ozone
  • Output 5 = 230v supply for Audio system, etc. or 24hr circ pump 3.0kw in-line
  • Heater = 3kW 15" long x 2" stainless steel tube, complete with unions.

Utilises AMP cables to connect to equipment - Pump 1, Pump 2, Blower, Ozone, Circ Pump. All inputs and outputs are plugged directly into the sockets to the side of the circuit board. Pumps etc can also be direct wired to the circuit board relays and terminals with female spade connectors. 

Incoming power supply is from the left side only through a 32mm hole (32mm gland/conduit fitting and appropriate cable set up required to maintain box seal against entry of vermin, ants, etc.) in.k450 topside INCLUDED.

  • 230v, 50Hz, 15A - 40A max single phase, or 415v, 50Hz, 20A max two phase. 415v, 50Hz, 16A max three phase.
  • 420mm wide x 270mm high x 115mm deep.
  • Touchpad 180mm x 72mm 

When used with 3 jet pumps and a circulation pump, all pumps must be single speed. Maximum pump current draw for Pump 1, Ozone, Circ pump and direct socket combined is 15A, Pump 2 & 3/blower combined is 20A Maximum current draw of any individual pump is 15A

*For the in.touch / iPhone setup to work, the spa must be within range of the 'i' device or home wifi network.

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