Onga 43xx and Ampac Pulsar Spa Pump Controller and Heater Replacement Kit

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Size: 10A - 1.5kW Heater - Control & Pump
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Onga Spa Master 4352 / 4353 / 4395 and the Ampac Pulsar systems have been obsolete for many years. Spare parts and repairs are no longer available. This is generally a suitable kit for replacement. Each spa may have slightly different requirements. 

This kit comes with:
1.5hp Davey Pump (Optional)
1.5kW or 2.0kW Heater
Digital Touchpad
Davey SP400 Controller

You will also need the AMP Crimper Kit listed as a Variant to change the plugs on the leads.

NOTE: With the QB pump fitted to the pump1 outlet of the SP400 you still have the auxiliary output available to plug in a blower or other auxiliary item (auxiliary item will need a AMP lead fitted). A Davey LED light (Q3708L-10) can also be fitted. Ozone and 24hour circ pump outlets are also available

Straight replacement for Pulsar series and Intuitive series 1 x single speed pump and blower systems, or - with a new variable speed air blower, you can use 2 x single speed pumps or a 2 speed pump. 

Option 1:
1 x 1-speed pump w/ 1x Blower (old 3 speed blower will now operate at only 1x speed)

Will NOT suit replacement of Pulsar and 2095 series systems fitted with 2 pumps plus blower without also replacing the air blower with a special variable speed air blower at additional cost.

System configurations when replacing Pulsar or 2095 series controller and re-using existing pump(s) and blower:
1. One x single speed pump and air blower = single speed
2. Two x single speed pumps BUT new variable speed blower is required
3. One x 2 speed pump and variable speed blower

(when 2 single speed pumps or a 2 speed pump is used, the only blower that can be fitted is the SQ5602 variable speed air blower - no other blowers can connect)

This Kit Replaces: 

Ampac Pulsar Series / SQ 1000, SQ 1500 Series- 2081SPA 2082SPA 2083SPA, 2084 2084SPA 2095 Intuitive. Common control system found in older spas. Also branded Spaquip / Aquaswim / Aquapacific and others. SQ1000 & SQ1500 Micro Spa Controller

Onga Spa Master 4352 / 4353 / 4395

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