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Aquaflo XP2 Spa Pumps 1 speed - 2hp, 2.5hp, 3.0hp

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Aqua-flo Flo-Master XP2 single speed pumps. All models. 1-Speed pumps have 3-wires at the plug. 2-Speed models have 4-wires. Originally had a black wet-end. Now are all red.

Your pump may have these numbers:

XP2-902513 M 93546590 No. 244802260507 A452X582A6100, 
93556590 (2.5HP)

2.5HP Also sold SCS Industries 4.8 BHP XP2 Pump. Note that the 4.8 BHP is kind of a misleading way to rate the horsepower in Australia. 4.8 BHP = 2.5HP

We have also listed an Aftermarket Generic 2.5HP pump that replaces these pumps directly, as a cheaper, but just as good a quality pump.

2.5HP Is by far the most common size of this pump in Australia

Spare Parts:

- Impeller 2.5hp
- Mechanical Seal - suits all Aquaflo XP series pumps
- Wet End O-Ring
- Inlet / Outlet Union fittings
Inlet / Outlet O-rings

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