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Aquaflo XP2 Spa Pump - 2 speed Jet Booster Pump

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Aqua-Flo XP2 2 Speed Booster Pump -

Some 2.5HP pumps are labelled as 3HP pumps for some reason by some suppliers. Their Max was always 2.5HP. Some are even marked up to 5HP.

They often fail after long-term leaking and corrosion caused by low pH and Bromine usage, or Capacitors leaking.

  • Choose your HP rating below or to the side
  • 50mm unions.

Also Replaces: 


Model: 06120176-1 Code: 01227


Model: 07130011-6 Code: 08266

Model: 07140947-6 Code: 04315

And all Others. 

Supercedes all XP2 Pumps with the Century LASAR Pool/Spa Motor with AO Smith motors. Cat BN55 Part 7 - 186364-02

The highest output 2 speed spa pump currently available. 

Originally had a black wet-end.

We have also listed an Aftermarket Generic 2.5HP pump that replaces these pumps directly, as a cheaper, but just as good a quality pump. In fact, we actually think it's better, as it uses a Single Capacitor, centrifugal switch. 

Spare Parts:

- Impeller 2.5hp
- Mechanical Seal - suits all Aquaflo XP series pumps
- Wet End O-Ring
- Inlet / Outlet Union fittings
- Inlet / Outlet O-rings

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