Automated Spa Covers - for Spas, Swim Spas, and Swimming Pools

Version: Automated Spa Cover

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Sunrise Spa & Pool covers are not only a cover, it’s also an automated, state of the art, easy to use ( press button ) cover. No more lifting heavy awkward spa or rolling up pool covers!

Cover: Its water tight seal reduces the spa’s heating costs due to its superior insulation value while, at the same time, preventing undesirable access, thus protecting your investment for as long as you own it! 

Shade: Within 90 seconds, you have a modern, elegant cover that protects you against storms and harmful ultraviolet radiations, providing you with an intimate, private space where you can relax, think and reflect, thanks to retractable shades available as an option.

You can also purchase an optional LED lighting system that was designed to create a warm, friendly atmosphere and relaxing ambiance based on a combination of 16 carefully chosen colours.

The Spa Sunset cover is available in 5 Dulux colours.

Pricing is from $8999.00. For a quote, please contact us.

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