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Balboa Spa Circulation Pump 1030017 0.25hp

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Balboa 0.25HP circulation spa pump used by Spa Industries, Bullfrog, Signature, Artesian Spas, and many others. We also have alternative (better) pumps available. These pumps commonly leak and overheat.

Alternatives are listed below and have the same threads which require no, or very little, plumbing changes. The E-14 is a far more efficient pump that suits up to 8-person spas. It has no mechanical seal to leak.

Balboa Water Group
Part Number 1030017 / B-1070017

RC SI 0.25HP 1S 017FT A1mB HV
Voltage: 230 V
Phase: 1  IP Rating IPX5
Frequency: 50 Hz
Current: 0.8 Amps
RPM: 1400 RPM
Max Head 2.5m

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