Bullfrog Spas Headrest Pillow Pad & Bracket Holder - Obsolete

Part: Headrest Pillow


Spa Industries (SCS Industries) Headrest Pillow. See headrest holder image to show what this headrest pillow fits. Commonly fall apart with age. The newer headrest pillow inserts are now inflatable, so are far sturdier.

Obsolete. Once stock is depleted these will be no longer available. Manufacturer has totally ceased production. Consider replacing with one of these Universal Spa Headrest Pillows.

Used in Signature Spas, Bullfrog Spa and Infinity range

Suits the following spas, and more:

Bullfrog Spas: 251, 251 Swim, 252 Swim, 254 Swim, 331, 362, 451, 462, 454 Swim Spa, 552, 562, 662, 682

Signature Spa models: Aquazone, Arizona Platinum, Cabriolet Platinum, Cadillac Platinum, Eclipse Platinum, Eden Platinum,Mirage Platinum, Niagara Platinum, Phoenix Platinum

Infinity spa models: V-Cite, V-Stream 1

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