Calcium Hardness Increaser - Water Hardener

Size: 500gm Bottle - Reusable


Calcium Chloride increases calcium hardness level in pool water. Reduces damage to marblesheen and pebble finished pools, caused by low levels of calcium. Can also be used as a Damp-rid, humidity absorber, and even as a road & driveway dust suppressant. Available in 500gm, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, and 25kg. 

Very important to prevent damage to pool equipment, including heaters, by reducing the corrosiveness of water. 

100 g will raise the Calcium Hardness by 10 ppm per 10,000 litres
Product should be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water adding 2 kg to 5 litres of water. If more than 6 kg is needed per 50,000 litres of pool water dose separately and apply at least 12 hours apart.

Application rates indicated are to be used as a guide only. 

High calcium levels in spas usually results in a rough, abrasive, sugar-like coating on the spa surfaces. It can also deposit in heaters, causing problems.


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