Davey Celsior Spa Bath Pumps - C400 Series - 2HP

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Davey Celsior Spa Bath Pumps. This pump has Heat Maintenance Technology. It provides a stable maintained water temperature from the water cooled motor(It does not heat the water but maintains it) 

C400A -  1500Watt with 2hp. It has the inbuilt air switch(air button sold separately) and comes with a 10amp plug.

C400AB1500Watt with 2hp and a 1Kw heater element. It has the inbuilt air switch(air button sold separately) and comes with a 10amp plug.

C400TB - 690Watt with .94hp and a 1Kw heater element. This model needs an electronic touchpad(touchpad and overlay are sold separately) and comes with a 10amp plug.

This pump retro fits the Davey XS 200 Spa Bath range & has the same barrel unions.

 Features & Information:

  • Double insulated to water circuit and designed to exceed standards for electrical safety, with up to 5 safety devices that monitor environmental and pump conditions
  • Up to 50% quieter than other pumps which provides a more enjoyable spa experience that will not disturb your well deserved relaxation or your neighbours
  • With pumps as large as 2HP, and three unique patented features, Celsior pumps deliver greater water flow and pressure, enlivening your spa for a complete massaging effect
  • Patented ‘heat maintenance technology’ uses motor heat to assist in maintaining the water temperature
  • Environmentally friendly and highly efficient with up to 97% effective energy usage
  • High efficiency impeller lowers running costs, delivering savings of up to 15% over older style spa bath pumps
  • Unique impeller neck ring increases water pressure and flow
  • Quick and easy to install using the Davey ‘Flexibrax’ which makes wall mounting possible with no extra parts and maximises the flexibility and space within your bathroom
  • Designed to self-drain free of water after each use, prevents build up of stale unhygienic water for your peace of mind 
  • ‘No water’ protection prevents heater operation if the pump is run in the absence of water
  • All Celsior models feature automatic shutdown protection if the pump is run without water or the suction is blocked
  • Built-in automatic air bleed, enables air to be released from the pump, to assist priming performance in difficult installations

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