Davey Spa Power 800 SP800 Spa Controller System

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Touchpad Shape: Oval Touchpad
Heater Size: 3.0kW Heater
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Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 800 / SP 800 complete spa control system. Heavily used by Endless Spas and others over the years. These come with Oval or Rectangular touchpads. Please add a Note at Checkout when ordering.

Covid-19 Supply Information: In Stock until Sold Out. Due to Covid-19 supply chain delays, once stock is depleted, these will be available on BackOrder only. 

All Backorders are sent Express Post once items arrive. 

See here for ETA information. Note it is extremely unlikely anyone will have these, as we are supplied directly. 
Backorders are prioritised by both the manufacturers and us.

Can Control:

* 1 x Circulation Pump
* 2 x Single speed spa jet boost pump
* 1 x Single speed spa blower
* Davey Spa-Quip LED light(can run up to 4 Davey Spa-Quip LED lights, also can run a new 12 volt LED light)
* 1 x Ozone generator

This system uses AMP plugs

Control kit includes:

1 x SP800 Controller with 2kW or 3kW titanium heater
1 x SP800 touchpad

High Voltage AMP Sockets : Pump 1A (one or two speed pump) Pump 2 (single speed pump, this socket can't be used if socket 1A has a two speed pump fitted). AUX Output (this socket can run a blower or pump) SPVSB (this socket can only be used for a Davey Variable speed blower) Circ Pump Socket, Ozone Socket.

Low Voltage Sockets inside controller: 2 X Touch pad sockets, 4 X Davey LED light sockets, 1 X in-pool temp sensor socket, 1 X 12volt light Output.

NOTE: If a 2-speed pump is fitted to Pump 1A socket you can't use 1B socket.

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