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Touchpad for Davey Spa Quip SpaPower 800 SP800 - Endless Spas Tech 980 - Control Panel Q70068-10SP8

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Davey Spa-Quip Spa Power SP 800 touchpad. SP800 is also sold as an Endless Spas Tech 980. These were re-branded by Sapphire, Lanark, Endless, and others. The touchpad are the same, but with different decal stickers. Both oval and square types available. 

SP800 - Q70068 10SP8 / Sapphire Spas 950021 / Endless Spas Tech 980 / eTech 980

New touchpads all come with a black & yellow overlay

Fits a range of Spas

  • Same touch pad for the SP800 and SP1200 Controllers but different overlays
  • Touch Pad And Overlay: SP800 

Manufacturer: Davey Spa-Quip
Face Size: 175 X 90mm
Hole Size: 135 X 65mm