Davey SpaQuip Classic Plus - Spa Heaters - 2.3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW

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Davey Spa-Quip Classic Plus Standalone Spa Heaters. Come in 2.3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW versions. This page also has spare parts and replacement elements.  Great for standalone heating of spas, and small pools. Also sold as PoolQuip Power Plus.

  • Designed for Efficient Heating of Spas and very small pools
  • Easy Installation – Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Has Spare 10A constant-powered outlet for another accessory, such as a blower. 

The 'Classic' range of single phase heaters is specially designed for spas and smaller pools. The use of high temperature engineering plastics and fail-safe electrical systems make this a reliable inexpensive unit, simple to install and operate.

The 'Classic' heater can be installed on the base supplied or horizontally. It is supplied with 40mm barrel unions. All electrical systems are pre-wired in the heater head ready for the supply connection. A 10 amp plug socket under the heater head is standard for a pump or control system connection. The heater comes complete with power and heating indicators.

40mm inlet and outlet.

Hard wired heater, this heater does not come with a power lead.

Note: Warranty will not cover damage or leaks due to corrosive water. Bromine, Dichlor, Trichlor, high Chlorine, and/or Low pH are the biggest causes of failures in electric heaters like these. Davey has become quite strict on Warranty Coverage. Damage to the resins and bronze parts are obvious when inspected. Must be fitted by a Licensed Electrician. Water must be tested regularly. Proof of water tests may be required for Warranty purposes. 

Note: Due to Covid19 manufacturing delays, these may take 1-6 weeks to supply and deliver. We are around the corner from the Davey Distributor, so get them in stock faster than anyone. 

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