Dontek Ioniser for Swimming Pools & Spas - PWP2

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Dontek Ioniser PWP2 Fresh Water Purifiter - The Dontek Ioniser has been designed to reduce chlorine or bromine usage to a minimum. A saving of up 70% can be expected in a typical installation.

The PWP2 is a swimming pool, spa and pond ioniser that controls the filter, pump run times and current output to the copper and silver alloy electrodes. The battery backed up clock controls multiple filter and ionising times as well as auto winter and turndown modes. The PWP2 is designed to suit pools up to 100,000 litres.

Product Benefits

  • Safe for skin and eyes
  • Kills algae and bacteria
  • Minimises the requirement for chlorine
  • Improved filtration
  • Not harmful to pool components
  • Low energy consumption
  • Unaffected by bather load
  • Unaffected by heat

Product Features

  • Manual pump over-ride for filter back-washing
  • Multi-function pump time-clock
  • Simple electrode replacement
  • Ions active timer
  • Tariff 33 power compliant
  • Partner to AquaFresh
  • Australian designed and made

These work by producing Silver & Copper ions in pool or spa water. The Copper ions are effective as an algaecide and the Silver ions are an effective bactericide. 

The cell contains 2 alloy electrodes made of copper and silver and are supplied in a transparent polycarbonate cell enclosure. The cell is supplied with both 40mm and 50mm adaptors and barrel unions for connection to pool plumbing. (Directly Replaces Astralpool & Hurlcon chlorinator cells).

The unit allows for a DC ionizing current from 50 milliamps up to 400 milliamps in eight steps of 50 milliamps,which caters for small up to large pools. The polarity is reversed every 3 minutes so that both electrodes wear evenly and their life expectancy in a correctly balanced pool is around 3 years. The unit has a time clock which, along with the filter and ionizing times, can be set by the customer.

All of the filter and ionizing settings have preset conditions that cover most normal possibilities. There are 8 pre-set filter duration cycles to choose from and 7 pre-set start times. There are also 7 pre-set ionizing times. As ionizing current must not be active unless the filter pump is running (so water is flowing through the electrode cell), the choices for the ionizing run time is automatically limited to choices that will not exceed the chosen filter run time.

10A - 2400W Max

Installation & User Manual

Replacement Electrode Rods

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