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Gecko Microspa Parts: Gecko Micro-Spa Heater Element - 1.3kW (10A)

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These were a popular basic spa controller used in the 90s through the early 2000s. There are few spare parts available. We recommend upgrading to a new controller .

Gecko MicroSpa U Class controllers are Obsolete and are no longer repaired due to lack of spare parts. 

Suitable Replacements:

  • Gecko in.yj system - slightly longer heater. Leads will need to be changed. If you have a 2-speed pump, you will not be able to use blower.
  • SpaNet Mini SV - shorter heater. Leads will need to be changed. WiFi - Option available. Can have 2-speed pump or 1-speed pump, plus a blower.

They commonly failed with burnt out relays, circuit boards, etc.

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