Gecko SSPA MSPA S Class Spa Builders Low Flow Control System Replacement


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This SP800AUS-20 kit is a perfect replacement for control systems that run a low flow circulation pump and heater(Gecko SSPA and MSPA spa packs). Also replaces Spa Builders S Class control systems.

The controller will run in conjunction with E-10/Laing pumps.

The retro fit controller will run the following:

* 1 x Circulation Pump
* 2 x Single speed spa jet boost pump
* 1 x Single speed spa blower
* Davey Spa-Quip LED light(can run up to 4 Davey Spa-Quip LED lights, also can run a new 12 volt LED light)
* 1 x Ozone generator

This sytem uses AMP power cables so all existing pieces of equipment(pumps, blowers, ozones etc) will require a new power cable to be attached to them.

Control kit includes:
(not all parts listed below are shown in the above picture)

1 x SP800AUS-20 Controller
1 x SP800 Rectangular touchpad
1 x Davey Multi Colour LED light
2 x Low flow heater tube directorscontrolc
2 x 1 Port 19mm x 50mm Manifold
2 x 1.5mm x 3m AMP Cord(suitable for single speed pump)
2 x 1.0mm x 3m AMP Cord(suitable for blower, ozone or Laing)
2 x 2" x 3/4" barb adaptor 
1 x 2" sweep elbow 
2m x 3/4" CVT-019 tubing
2 x 3/4" barb couplings
6 x spring wire clamps

 We also have complete plumbing kits available if replacing or installing a spa control system.


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