Spa Bath Pump with Air Switch - Dega Replacement

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These spa bath pumps replace all Dega Research spa bath pumps. Multi port dual discharge high flow spa bath pump. Can be plumbed to suit front, or top, discharge.


  • Can have outlet on top or front of pump
  • Includes built-in air switch for control with an air button
  • Includes air bleed fitting.
  • Spa bath side mounted 2 button controller
  • Heater can be set for 36, 38, 40 degrees, or off (on Deluxe Version)
  • Built in flat plate stainless steel heater
  • Low-noise

0.8HP - Up to 7 Jets
1HP - Up to 10 Jets
1.5HP - 12+ Jets

Spa Bath Pump Replacement Plumbing Kit Listed Here

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