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Hendy / Hurlcon Hydronic Spare Replacement Parts - Boilers

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Spare parts for Hendy and Hurlcon hydronic gas heaters. Only the parts with clickable links are available at this stage. Anything else is no longer available unless we get word otherwise.

Suits Heater:
Part Description: Hendy Hurlcon 120 S Hendy Hurlcon 120 B Hendy Hurlcon 150 S Hendy Hurlcon 150 B
Gas Valve HEB01 HEB01 HEB01  HEB01
LPG Conversion Kit HEB02 HEB02 HEB02 HEB02
Pilot Assembly - HSI Ignitor H120pipes07 H120pipes07 H120pipes07 H120pipes07
Ignition Module HEB02 ign HEB02 ign HEB02 ign HEB02 ign
Combustion Liner HWK12046 HWK12046 HWK04/15 HWK04/15
Insulation Strip HWK05 HWK05 HWK05 HWK05
Flow Switch HES01
High Temp Cutout (High-Limit) 105°C HES02 HES02 HES02 HES02
High Temp Cutout (High-Limit) 45-50°C FES06 FES06 FES06 FES06
Thermostat PCB 45-85° HEB08 HEB08 HEB08 HEB08
Heatsaver Interface HEB09 HEB09 HEB09
Thermostat PCB 45-85° HEB07 HEB07 HEB07 HEB07
Thermostat Knob HEB10 HEB10 HEB10 HEB10
Transformer 24V HEB06 HEB06 HEB06 HEB06
Wiring Loom S HEW01 HEW01
Wiring Loom B HEW02 HEW02
Pipe kit flow & return S HWP02 HWP02 HWP02
Expansion Vessel HWK06 HWK06 HWK06
Pressure reduction valve 1-Bar HWK07 HWK07 HWK07
Pressure relief valve 1-Bar VSK424 VSK424 VSK424 VSK424
Heat Exchanger HWK01/12 HWK01/12 HWK01/15 HWK01/15
Gas Pipe Set HWP01/12 HWP01/12 HWP01/12 HWP01/12
Burner Assembly Nat HWK02/12 HWK02/12 HWK02/15 HWK02/15
Burner Assembly LPG HWP02/12 HWP02/12 HWP02/15 HWP02/15
Pilot Tube - 400 HWB04/12 HWB04/15 HWB04/15 HWB04/15
Door- Front Panel HSB200-2 HSB200-2 HSB200-2 HSB200-2
Door - Rear Panel HSB205-2 HSB205-2 HSB205-2 HSB205-2
Collector Assembly HSB170-12 HSB170-12 HSB170-12 HSB170-12
Panel - Side HSB120-12 HSB120-12 HSB120-15 HSB120-15
Pressure Relief Valve VSK424 VSK424 VSK424 VSK424
Circulator - Circulation Pump RG2560 RG2580