Impeller For - LX Whirlpool LP and WP, SpaNET XS30, Davey QB Spa Jet Pumps

Size: 1.5HP - Davey QB, LX WP & LP, SpaNet XS

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Impeller For - LX LP and WP, SpaNET XS30, Davey QB Spa Jet Pumps. Originally were black plastic. These have been replaced by a much higher-quality beige glass-filled nylon material. We only sell the highest-grade impellers, as LX Whirlpool, Davey and SpaNET all use various grades of plastics. This impeller is manufactured from premium PPO material for better wear / longer life. Please Choose your Model Below. Uses these mechanical seals.

Impeller Sizes:


LX Whirlpool LP150
Davey QB1501
Outside diameter 98mm, 13mm internal vane width, 7 vanes. 

LX Whirlpool LP200 / WP200-II
Davey QB2001 / QB2002
Outside diameter 107mm, 11.5mm internal vane width, 7 vanes. 

LX Whirlpool LP250 / WP250-II
Davey QB2501 / QB2502
SpaNET XS30 Jetmaster <-- double-check impeller size. May also be 3HP.
Outside diameter 112mm, 13mm internal vane width, 6 vanes. 

LX Whirlpool LP300 / WP300-II
Davey QB3001 QB3002
118mm diameter, 11mm vane width x 7 vanes 
60.5mm throat OD
Marked B351-21

Previous version
Outside diameter 118mm, 12.5mm internal vane width, 6 vanes. 
62mm throat OD 
Often marked B358-02 (but so are other sizes) 

Also listed is a mechanical seal to suit. Upgraded seals also available.

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